Why YOU should CONVERT TO Islam?

_Imam: Tarek Al-Saadi answered:"

At generality: We must convert to Islam for five reasons:

[1] Because Islam alone that guides to Allah, [the right Lord]! And the Lord on the investigation: is Allah, And there is no Lord but Allah; This is what Allah witnessed it for himself in the message of Islam, As witnessed by the wise people who do not follow the desire.

So, Allah said in Quran [the book of Islam]: that he sent Quran .. Confirming what between his hands [i.e.: what came before it (from the previous messages)! And, As well, it confirming the facts, and the facts global of scientific until the doomsday]: it guides to the Truth and to a Straight Path }[Al-Ahqaf:30], Indeed, your Lord is Allah, who created the heavens and the earth .. ﴿[Yunus:3], .. His is the creation and the command .. ﴿[Al-Araf:54], Allah testified that there is no god but He! And the angels, and the wise-people also testified .. ﴿[Al-E-Imran:18].

[2] Because the religion of Allah [The right Lord] is Islam! And Allah ordered all people to convert to Islam, And said: that he does not accept any religion other than Islam, even if it from his religions previous.

So, Allah said: Verily The Religion of Allah: is Islam ﴿[Al-E-Imran:19], And said: O ye who believe, Enter into Islam; And follow not the footsteps of the devil [who he from jinn or human being]; For he is to you an avowed enemy ﴿[Al-Baqara:208], And said: And who he embraced a religion other than Islam: Never will it be accepted of him, And in the hereafter he's from the losers ﴿[Al-E-Imran:85].

[3] Because Islam is the correct law to people! The Islam is included the organization all affairs of the people! And brought people interests, And protect them from harms.

So, Allah said: it (Reference to the Islam) guides to the Rationality ﴿[Al-Jinn:2], And said: Verily this Quran is guides to that which is most straightest .. ﴿[Al-Isra:9], And said: Whoever wants the reward of this world [i.e.: Who he wants to achieve his interests in the world], with Allah is the reward of the world and the Hereafter [i.e.: He must follow Islam, because all rewards be obtained by it] .. ﴿[An-Nisa:134].

[4] Because all people already embraced laws in their lives! And who he does not embraces Islam, Verily he embraced religion had superseded by Islam, or succumbed to religion established by people, or followed his fancies, or followed the ignorant fancies. And in this ways: there is no doubt that the right direction: is embrace Islam; because it is a law of Lord [Allah] ( who knows exactly what is appropriate for his creatures ).

So, Allah said: Is he who walks prone on his face (i.e.: who not followed the right guides) more rightly guided, or he who walks upright on a Straight Path (i.e.: who he following Allah guide)?! ﴿[Al-Mulk:22], And said: Example of The two groups [ who they follow not Islam, and who follow]: like (the blind and the deaf [i.e.: A ignorant]) and (the who able to see, and the hearer [i.e.: A scholar])! Are they equal in similarity? ﴿[Hud:24], And said: Say, Is there one (from the others whom you following them) he who leadeth to truth? Say, Allah is leadeth to the Truth! Then, Is he who leadeth to the Truth more deserving that you follow him, or he who does not leadeth unless he learn? What you, how to judge? ﴿[Yunus:35].

Then He said: Who disbelieve and turn people from the way of Allah, misled their actions ﴿, And those who believe and do righteousness works, and believe at that which is revealed unto Muhammad; And that's the Right from their Lord: Cleared the evil deeds of them, and repaired their matter ﴿[Muhammad:1-2].

[5] Because Allah told that he would return the revival of all people in the Doomsday; (Like he created them for the first time)! And hold them accountable for their actions: Those who followed Islam will entering to paradise, abiding therein forever, with full of grace and happiness! And those who do not followed Islam will entering the Fire, abiding therein forever, with full heartbreak, and severe torment.

So, Allah said: To Him [Allah] will be comeback of everyone, that's a promise of Allah who he certainly true; That He begins the creation, then he will remake creation to creatures [in the Doomsday]; That He may reward those who believe and work righteousness with a equity, And those who disbelieve they have a drink of fire [Hamim], and painful punishment; because of that which they been disbelieved ﴿[Yunus:4]. And said: Allah has promised those who believe and work righteousness: for them is Forgiveness and Immense reward ﴿, And they who disbelieve and deny Our revelations, such are rightful owners of hell ﴿[Al-Ma'ida:9-10].

And Then Allah said: O mankind! Verily The promise of Allah is true. So, do not let this worldly life fool you (in the pleasures), And don't let the deceiver to fool you in Allah ﴿[Fatir:5].

Warning: Verily All of that is certainly right! It is constant in a speech message of Islam, And it's constant in the Islamic prophecies that appear as he said over time, And it's constant in mind, And the righteous Wise of people are testified to that.

Allah said: We shall show them "Our portents" on the horizons and within themselves; until it becomes manifest to them that this [i.e.: Islam Message] is the Truth .. ﴿[Fussilat:53], And said: And those who have been given knowledge perceive that what is revealed unto thee from thy Lord is the truth, and that it guides to the path of [Allah] the Mighty [i.e.: He's not need anything], the Praised, [i.e.: Everything in the world need him] ﴿[Saba:6]. "[End].

_Imam: Tarek Muhammad Al-Saadi